I am an amateur (from latin amo, -are = to love) photographer using large format and medium format film cameras. I live in Czech Republic.

I’m trying to capture sights that are worth seeing but are often overlooked.
I work slowly, I look, listen, wait…
I enjoy the process of trying to create a thing of beauty, bringing to life a vision that will make someone to stop and enjoy the moment of silence.


All images presented on this site are scans of prints hand made in a traditional  photographic darkroom using a variety of printing techiques from “classic” black and white silver gelatine prints, lith prints and some historical processes like Kallitype, Vandyke, etc. Due to characteristics of these processes each image is unique and presents slight differences from the one you see on the screen (not to mention the difficulty to reproduce the “feel” of the paper on screen…)


A selection of my prints is now available at art upfront gallery.

Yours truly